Friday, 11 October 2019

Telling your brand story

Telling your brand story is the future of communication especially a social and person to person one.
I worked for the late dame Anita Roddick 20 years ago and she ran her business and her own brand through a story. This enabled everyone around her that listened to that story to recount it again and again. Taking story telling advice from communities all over the world that share information through story telling.
Telling your brand story is no different and to be honest whatever product and service YOU are selling as it’s your business it will reflect you.
Reflect your values and beliefs.
How would you do that visually and through word and the the way you act?
Here are my top 5 tips:
List out your values and beliefs – they could be – no compromise, a great return on investment
Then think about how you are perceived and what this looks like visually, Dynamic (sportsman) Soft and welcoming (pastel colours) these should come naturally with brand you, film/video is it a animation or someone doing something.
Then the story of what you have developed and why, why it’s different which means a certain type of customer will want it.
Think about it all then add it together and see what story you can develop.
Then it’s about you and what you do, how you act, what you wear and what you say.
Lastly be consistent, relentlessly and continually. No cutting corners and no deviation.
For the events industry specially. This will all come across when you present at an event in terms of you on the stage, the slides, what you do and how you act it out. If it’s an exhibition it’s the same. The work you do to start with to develop brand you will pay off in the end.
I always think of the Queen when I think of Brand You.

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