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The Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy Launches

 Oxfordshire based Rebellious Business is proud to announce the launch of its new Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy..

The Academy follows in the footsteps of Rebellious Business in coaching and training entrepreneurs

in the service industry to scale up their business towards six figures.

The Academy combines the principles of Rebellious Business into a training program designed to

carry new entrepreneurs through their first year in business, connecting together a community of

like-minded business owners, offering both a place for entrepreneurs to network as well as a

platform from which to learn the principles of business success. A one-year membership to the

Academy includes a host of benefits, such as:

- Access to the 'Rebellious 10K Bootcamp' and the 'Scale Like a Six Figure Rebel' training programs

- One to one calls with your own accountability coach

- A weekly mastermind Q & A with founder Cordelia Kate

- Marketing clinics and hot seat sessions

- Implementation support and coursework feedback

- Industry-leading guest expert training

- Monthly mindset workshops

- Weekly meditation and journaling sessions


The Rebellious Business Academy takes a holistic approach to business, working hard to help its

students to realise their full potential. The Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy is the creation of

Cordelia Kate, a business coach and the founder of Rebellious Business. It's designed for beginner

entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed by the steep learning curve of starting a new business

and worried that they don't know how to 'make it' in the market.

Founder Cordelia Kate says: “Being a Rebellious Entrepreneur is about authentically showing up in

your marketing as the ambassador of your brand. If you are running a business in the service based

industry, YOU are the product, and if you rep your brand Rebelliously, you attract the kind of clients

into your business that you’re going to want to throw a party for. Our academy has been designed to

support you with growing your business to 6-Figures, but really, it’s not about the money, it’s about

embracing who you are and connecting with your audience by building strong, long-lasting


The Rebellious Entrepreneurs Academy is a bright opportunity for fresh faces in businesses to gain

access to a network of over 750 organisations and benefit from the expert advice and guidance of

the successful team behind Rebellious Business. The Academy encourages its students to harness

their own natural talents and abilities while learning world-class social media and marketing

techniques that will take their business to the next level.

Business owners interested in joining the one-year program at the Rebellious Entrepreneurs

Academy can apply online today at

Cordelia Kate Biography

Cordelia Kate is founder of Rebellious Business. Her extensive experience in business, entrepreneurial flair and human understanding is the foundation on which the Rebellious Business Network was born, and that: social distancing DOES NOT mean social disconnection

Rebellious means being wildly authentic: the wildest, most extreme VERSION of you. Rebellious Business’ ethos therefore is believing that you are the USP of your business and you are building the whole business on the basis of “community over competition”; people can take your ideas but they can’t take YOU. Being a Rebellious Entrepreneur is going against the grain, it’s being the wildest most extreme version of you, it’s levelling up and starting to really take your business into a new realm by using world class marketing techniques that magnetise your dream clients into your space. 

Rebellious Business is a radical new international business concept bringing together networking, bootcamps, community learning, coaching, collaboration, events and 1:1 relationships on and offline.

She has created a network of over 400 organisations which allows members to support and learn from each other, Cordelias aim is to build a global vibrant community of like-minded business owners.

Previously, Cordelia who had always dreamt of using her empathy and compassion to help people, saw her leave waitressing and become a healthcare assistant on the Bone Infection Unit. Subsequent to this, she completed her Nursing Diploma and worked as a registered nurse on the Surgical Emergency Unit – this was quite the feat, as Cordelia left school at the age of 13, and without any formal education, she had to carry out her Diploma via an access course.

While Cordelia loved nursing, the passion she has for business and connection meant launching Rebellious Business at the start of lockdown. She now works fulltime on the business.

Rebellious Business allows her to still help people while improving their lives.

In addition to founding Rebellious Business, she has been running successful online webinars for 2½ years in her capacity as an online business coach. Cordelia is also an ambassador for, which is an online business education company with around 4,000 members. This saw her giving more back to the business community by teaching online lessons in business strategy to budding entrepreneurs.

Her work with and her commitment to helping people succeed in business then saw Cordelia be asked to join the board. This allowed her role to develop further and she now supports its members on business strategy and systems. To further advance her career in this area, Cordelia completed her Mastercoach course and became an accredited Master of Coaching.

Ever the entrepreneur, Cordelia also ran Toyride. A company that sold toy cars online and gave her a great grounding in the nuances of e-commerce.

Cordelia worked as a full-time waitress in the prestigious Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill restaurant. Her talents were soon recognised and she became an ambassador for the company. Her success in this ambassadorial role then led her to become an in-store trainer for Loch Fyne at the tender age of just 17. This allowed Cordelia to not only hone her managerial skills but also gain valuable experience of working at a high level for a top brand.

By the age of 18, Cordelia's success at Loch Fyne then saw her asked to work at top chef Jamie Oliver's new flagship restaurant. This enabled her to become a key part of the opening team and gave her the opportunity to receive training from Jamie Oliver directly and also highly respected Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo.

In her personal life, Cordelia has three children and enjoys travelling, attending live events, listening to chilled house music, sampling world foods and watching crime thrillers.

Vicki Renz publishes much-needed journal to support mothers suffering miscarriage.

 Vicki Renz published today a beautiful journal to support mothers going through the trauma of miscarriage.

     Healing Journal for After Miscarriage is a thoughtfully created journal for women to write down their thoughts, feelings and emotions. A form of outlet, an important part of the healing journey after loss.

     The depth of feeling shown in the cover of the journal makes it the perfect gift of solace for after miscarriage.

     The journal contains guidance explaining the healing that journaling brings, taking women through prompts to help feelings and emotions to flow.

When asked about her book, Vicki said “healing really matters. Journaling is an effective healing outlet which is often overlooked. The power of our own words when used with an understanding of how to journal, really helps women to process their emotions. Having a journal specifically for after miscarriage is comparable to talking things through in a private space.”

She continued, “what’s more, it’s a beautiful gift to give to show that you care, especially when it’s a struggle to know what to say to someone.”

An estimated 23 million pregnancies end in miscarriage globally each year. A shockingly high number for a topic which is hardly talked about. Sadly, at least 50% of women suffer in silence which destroys their confidence, with 1 out of 10 cases leading to severe depression.

Recent research in The Lancet report states that more help should be offered to women starting from their first miscarriage. Most women have to wait until three miscarriages until they qualify for thorough fertility testing and advice. The Lancet suggests pre-conception support should be offered to women and more early pregnancy surveillance.

This is a huge step forward and reform for handling of miscarriage needs to be pushed. As The Lancet report states, "The era of telling women to 'just try again' is over." 

Oh My Mama Body is passionate about creating a world where miscarriage is recognised and healing happens. Guiding women to find their inner-strength and feel supported instead of suffering silently with feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

     50% of women prefer to remain silent and not mention their miscarriage. Miscarriage is shrouded by feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness. Women feel alone, like a shadow of their previous self. Putting on a brave face but falling apart on the inside.

     20% of women choose counselling or therapy but find that they are not understood. Their therapist has not been through the pain of miscarriage and is unable to empathise. Unfortunately causing even more distress.

     30% search the internet for support groups where they feel supported but at the same time are not offered effective healing techniques.

As well as giving birth to two healthy boys, Vicki experienced five miscarriages and knows how distressing it is to feel like nothing can help with the healing.

1 out of 10 women who contact Vicki at Oh My Mama Body after experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, end up miscarrying. With lockdowns in place during 2020 and 2021, Vicki has seen hundreds of women contacting her on YouTube with pregnancy worries. The internet is a place to ask questions about the taboo and Vicki has a platform for providing answers and support.

Vicki is making huge steps forward in breaking the silence, stigma and shame around miscarriage. She has recorded two episodes with the TryingAgain podcast and a further two with LoveAfterLoss podcast. Furthermore, she recently received coverage in Juno magazine, Pick Me Up! magazine and The Independent.

Vicki spent hundreds of hours studying healing techniques to help her recover from miscarriage. Now she uses the same techniques to support and guide women on their healing after miscarriage journeys.

     She has created an online, self-paced course, guiding women in their own time on their pathway through grief to wholeness.

     She has further developed a Pathway to Wholeness programme, an in-depth one-to-one transformational healing journey.

     Furthermore, Vicki invites women to join her supportive Healing After Miscarriage Group on Facebook which contains a free vault of resources and techniques for after miscarriage.

Women who have taken Vicki’s course and programme experience deep, transformational healing around their pain of loss. Vicki understands the cycle of grief and uses individualised healing techniques to optimise the healing journey of each woman so that they feel confident and empowered.

Vicki’s “Oh My Mama Body” YouTube channel is growing fast, heading towards 10,000 subscribers and has over 1 million views already. In response to the hundreds of comments Vicki receives, she has started creating videos to answer common questions. Vicki aims to have a reliable source of information covering early pregnancy and miscarriage to really help women understand their bodies.

Link to order journal:





 Background and Biography - Vicki Renz Oh My Mama Body


Oh My Mama Body is a trusted platform and specialist portal for women, addressing symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage. Providing concise answers to women concerning their bodily symptoms during this time.

With close to 3500 subscribers on YouTube, 2000 followers on Instagram and 500 on Facebook, Oh My Mama Body is rapidly growing. Vicki Renz’s coaching sessions for Healing After Miscarriage are already booked up in November, with 5 dedicated, private sessions per week.

The wellbeing of women is vital especially whilst they navigate their emotional journey of loss. Oh My Mama Body cares about each and every woman, nurturing them and guiding them to feel positive and empowered in their individual journeysOh My Mama Body serves women by making them the focus of attention and talking openly about taboo topics.  

Vicki Renz, founder of Oh My Mama Body, was really in tune with her bodily symptoms and changes during her seven pregnancies. She uses her knowledge and experiences as a source of strength and support for others. With her extensive knowledge of online business, Vicki has created a platform to best serve the demands of modern mums.

The comprehensive Oh My Mama Body platform includes:

- and easy to navigate website with content covering explanations for pregnancy & postpartum symptoms, advice and tips. Saving women time with concise written explanations and short explanatory videos.

-       Mama Time - a free weekly webinar with qualified midwives, expert speakers and networking for mums. Supporting women with online access to expert advice and direct answers to questions. Including a Facebook group for additional daily support.

-       Oh My Mama Body YouTube Channel with explanatory videos and meditations.

-       Healing After Miscarriage. In depth coverage of miscarriage from types of miscarriage through to surviving miscarriage. Vicki Renz, a multiple miscarriage survivor, coaches women to work through their grief and confidently shine again following miscarriage.

-       Healing After Miscarriage offers online courses, one to one coaching and a free Facebook group for ongoing support.

-       Mama Mentoring. Access to online courses to nurture and develop women in pursuing their passions.


Oh My Mama Body places a huge amount of value on saving time for the modern busy mother.  By making her advice and tips available across Social Media platforms, Oh My Mama Body is readily available for mothers on the go.

Vicki Renz believes it is vital for mothers to have access to concise, quality information at their fingertips. She believes it is important to provide authentic and empathetic advice, honouring each woman on their journey to motherhood.


Vicki Renz is Founder and Director of Oh My Mama Body, the specialist portal for women, addressing symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum and miscarriage. 

Responsible for the company’s three divisions; Mama Body, Mama Time and Healing After Miscarriage. Vicki manages strategies to make information readily available for the busy modern mum. Vicki brings authenticity and empathy in her approach to supporting and nurturing women. Enabling women to enjoy their pregnancies, precious time with their newborns and feel understood when they have suffered a msicarriage.

Following a successful corporate career as a Quality and Risk Manager for a reputable automobile company, Vicki re-skilled herself through an online coaching business, learning techniques and strategies for working online. Using her own experiences, Vicki is driven by delivering quality information and supporting other women to feel confidently fulfilled in life.

Vicki Renz, mother to two boys and recurrent miscarriage survivor, documented her bodily changes through her seven pregnancies. Often anxious about particular bodily symptoms, Vicki made the connect between pregnancy and the symptoms she was going through. It drove her to create an authentic informational source to help other women experiencing the same symptoms.

Vicki hopes that all women can have an enjoyable pregnancy and postpartum experience once they understand their symptoms and how to ease them.

As Vicki’s YouTube channel began to grow and women from worldwide contacted her with questions, Vicki realised that she could do more to support others. Vicki came up with the idea to create an online community for women who have miscarried, with regular webinars (Healing Hangouts), a Facebook group with helpful resources and support, automated online courses and one-to-one coaching. Something that is hugely important for women who have miscarried, especially during the current times of not being able to get out to appointments and feeling very isolated.

The empathy that exudes from Oh My Mama Body makes Vicki Renz an honest source that many women trust. Vicki’s miscarriages took her into a deep study of healing techniques which she has combined to develop her unique Healing After Miscarriage programme. Like a guiding light, Vicki supports women through their journey from pain and grief through to acceptance and wholeness.

When not working, Vicki enjoys time with her family, travelling and mountain biking in her local German forest.

You can find details about Vicki’s website, webinars and programmes below.  

For Healing After Miscarriage:










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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Connect with your creativity with Hannah Turlington

 Hannah is launching a new creative printing pack; Stationary Printing Kit, which enables you to learn how to lino print and to hand print your own set of stationary products. Hannah’s videos will support you every step of the way to print cards, wrapping paper and tags, and a notebook for all your journaling needs.

Hannah Turlington is a printmaker, living and practicing in North Yorkshire, whose work is defined as fine art, designs, workshops,(both online and face to face) and commissions.

Hannah is a teacher, with 21 years of experience, and is using these skills to create lino printing packs for you to do from your own home. She already has put together 2 successful printing packs; tea towel printing and apron printing. The packs arrive through your door with video links emailed for you to access to support you with your creativity.

Hannah specialises in telling stories with her art. She says:

‘I am a story teller and I use my work to tell those stories. Sometimes they belong to me; Sometimes they belong to others but usually they belong to all of us’.

Hannah recognises the importance of having things that mean something to us and she knows that learning the skills to create something beautiful is a wonderful. The creative kits are perfect for you or for gifts. They are ideal for taking away on a staycation and completing by yourself, or with friends.

The Stationary Printing Kit includes soft cut linoleum block, lino cutting tools, ink pad, in a dark colour, a sketch book in one of Hannah’s designs, 5 craft recycled cards and envelopes, A5 craft recycled notebook, 5 craft luggage tags and 1.5 metres of craft wrapping paper. The Stationary Printing Kit is encased in tissue paper and beautifully boxed before being posted to your chosen destination.

The Stationary Printing Kits are available through the shop on her website, , priced £90 including postage and packing within UK. 

Hannah Turlington – Creative Director  – Hannah Turlington Designs.

Hannah Turlington is the Creative Director and Founder of Hannah Turlington Turlington Designs.

Hannah Turlington is a printmaker, living and practicing in North Yorkshire, whose work is defined as fine art, designs, workshops,(both online and face to face) and commissions. Hannah specialises in telling stories with her art. She says:

‘I am a story teller and I use my work to tell those stories. Sometimes they belong to me; Sometimes they belong to others but usually they belong to all of us’.

Hannah’s work is comprised of many stages to make the lino print; collecting and photographing, illustrating, carving the block and then finally printing in limited print runs, 5 for exhibition pieces, some taking 50 hours.

 The similar process is followed when designing, then finally transferring the image digitally into a repeat.  Hannah works closely with traditional UK manufacturers to print her fabric, use it for soft furnishings and fashion, making them herself and using artisan makers.

When Hannah first started printing, she did hand-printed cards, notebooks and bags, selling them at Village Market every month. She then developed her designs for products, such as tea towels and mugs. Hannah has a cohesive brand which tells the story of nature and life; this is something that her customers connect with.  

Hannah is not a classically trained artist and has grown her business and art from her passion for colour, pattern and lino printing. Hannah has been a specialist teacher for children with special educational needs for many years and it is through this profession that she has learn how to connect with people on many levels.

Hannah tries to dedicate time to her own creative practice and developing her own art…which she have recently had the confidence to share her narrative style with the general public. Hannah believes that as an artist you spend so much time trying to make things that sell and actually you don’t necessarily need to do that…you need to be authentic and the right people will come to look at your work and ask the meanings behind it.

Hannah delivers workshops to connect people with their creativity and create beautiful hand-printed items; such as hand printed lampshades, kitchen textiles, cushion covers and hand-printed Christmas cards. Hannah has also have creative packs called ‘Learn to Love Lino Printing’ that can be bought as gifts and done at home.

Hannah connects with people on a monthly basis through my Print Club subscription; where subscribers resonate with her distinctive, highly detailed style that connects them with nature and tells the stories of the changing seasons. The monthly print arriving through the post is a gentle reminder to find gratitude in the world around them.

When Hannah creates she believes it is crucial to make a connection with the people who you are communicating with. 2020 has been a year when so many of us have lost the things that ground us and those connections that we have with people have been temporarily severed.

As an antidote to this Hannah has a hand-printed a calendar for 2021 called ‘Connections’. It explores the relationships that we have with everyday objects and how they ground us giving us security when things are tricky... but also as a reminder to remake those connections with people as we emerge from hibernation.

Hannah is an exhibiting artist with 2 solo exhibitions for 2021, a featured artist of 2021 at North Yorkshire Open Studios and exhibiting at Art&York in October 2021.

Hannah is very much looking forward to the adventures and lino prints that will come out of 2021. Her body of work for 2021 is to be called:

‘The stories that our lives leave behind’.

It will focus on the memories of the past that are capture in the objects and snippets of memories that we hold on to.

When not working, Hannah enjoys running, reading, rearranging her home and being outside in the fresh air collecting inspiration.  

Instagram: hannahturlingtonart

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Hampshire Cheese Company unveils a brand new look

 Herriard-based artisan cheese business, Hampshire Cheese Company, has unveiled a brand new look for its Tunworth and Winslade cheeses to bring the brand more up to date.

The new, modern look is designed to give the brand - favoured by chefs like Raymond Blanc, Nigel Slater, Simon Rogan, Jamie Oliver and James Martin, among others - even greater appeal to a wider audience, as well as to improve brand recognition.

The new branding replaces the former heavy and dark logos, giving the Tunworth - a British Camembert - and the Winslade - a Vacherin/Camembert cross - a lighter, softer and greener image.

While the branding has changed, Hampshire Cheese Company's aims and ethos remain the same: to produce the best soft cheeses in the UK, and to reach new audiences without losing the handmade artisan production methods which make their cheeses unique.

Of the redeveloped branding, Stacey says, "My team really enjoy producing something that people love eating and they are very proud of what we do. We have developed our business over the last 16 years and have a hugely talented team of cheesemakers. I'm proud to unveil our new and more modern look, which we hope will increase our brand recognition and open up the Hampshire Cheese Company to new audiences across the UK."

Hampshire Cheese Company was founded by Stacey Hedges, who worked part-time as a cheesemonger while studying at university in her home city of Sydney, Australia. After working in restaurants and catering after graduating, she found herself in a career as a food stylist for Vogue Australia.

Stacey moved to London in 1987 where she worked for high-end catering companies across the city, before moving to Hampshire in 1997 with two young children - and with a third arriving in 2000. It was in 2002 that she began to play around with cheesemaking, taking several courses before officially launching Hampshire Cheese Company in 2005.

Beginning with just a small personal investment from Stacey and a DEFRA grant, Hampshire Cheese Company was initially supported by Neals Yard Dairy, who offered a great deal of support in maturing and selling the first batches of premium cheese, and who remain the brand's biggest customer 16 years on. The business began to boom in 2006 when their Tunworth was awarded the Supreme Champion Cheese at the British Cheese Awards - a rare feat for such a new cheesemaker, and the first of many awards over the years.

The Tunworth - a soft, white-rinded cheese with an earthy fragrance and a nutlike and sweet flavour - has been praised by top chefs over the years. Simon Rogan, who holds two Michelin stars at L'Enclume restaurant in Cumbria, says, “Tunworth is a staple ingredient in my kitchen. For me it showcases how far we have come in this country as producers of cheese, and it’s important to me to champion the best of British like this.”

In 2013, Hampshire Cheese Company launched their Winslade: a second soft, mould-ripened cheese based on a Vacherin Mont D’Or recipe. With its soft and spoonable texture and its rich and buttery flavour, the Winslade has also won a whole host of awards - including Best New Cheese at the British Cheese Awards in the year it was launched.

To find out more about the Hampshire cheese company Tunworth and Winslade fans will love, visit their website:

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Envirobuild switches to wind energy for all Hyperion Composite Decking

 EnviroBuild has announced that, as of 2021, the entire Hyperion Composite range is now being produced using 100% renewable energy. EnviroBuild’s vision is to lead a sustainable revolution in the construction industry and the company has assured that all future production of decking, cladding and fencing will point to a much greener future.

The manufacture of Hyperion Composite materials is one of the largest components of energy requirement in the total supply chain. Previous efforts to reduce the environmental impact of each product started with the installation of solar panels on the factory site to help reduce the grid-based energy consumption. This was a welcome improvement, but there was still significant savings required to fully reduce production-based energy emissions.

James Brueton, the co-founder of EnviroBuild, said, "This is exciting progress for EnviroBuild as we’re consistently looking to improve the sustainability of our offering at every stage. This move to wind power will have a huge impact on what we’re able to provide for our customers, ensuring there doesn’t need to be a compromise between quality or sustainability."

By moving to wind power, EnviroBuild will be going one step further in its efforts to reduce its environmental impact. The new changes guarantee that all production of composite decking, cladding and fencing will be running completely on renewable energy via Green Energy Certificates. After switching to renewable wind energy, Hyperion Decking will now produce the equivalent of 29.2% less carbon dioxide emissions across its lifetime.

This announcement is just one step in the journey towards a more sustainable future. EnviroBuild's current Life Cycle Assessments, in which every stage of the supply chain is being analysed carefully, will continue to present new opportunities to improve and develop upon their already industry-leading sustainability. The continued work to identify further means for improving the company's sustainability credentials will help to reduce the lifetime environmental impact of all EnviroBuild products.

Environmental Product Declarations for every sustainable decking, cladding and fencing product from the brand are expected to be published within the next few months. These documents, which will detail the total sustainable impact of each product in the Hyperion range, are part of EnviroBuild's efforts towards more transparent reporting about their production processes.

By making this data available and pinpointing the areas where improvements have been made, they can be sure that the company is paving the way towards a more sustainable industry. Customers can feel confident knowing that no compromise has been made between quality or sustainability in producing good value materials for EnviroBuild products.


Quality sustainable building materials without compromise

EnviroBuild is the UK’s leading builders' merchant for sustainable building materials. They apply the latest technological innovations to provide highly engineered and lasting environmentally friendly solutions over traditional building materials. With over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, EnviroBuild are leaders in their field, and providing a quality experience for customers is at the core of their values. Their highly trained expert team are on-hand to help customers at every stage of their project, from take-off to completion.

Most recently, EnviroBuild launched new composite decking boards to join the Pioneer and Frontier lines in the highly successful Hyperion range. Hyperion Explorer has on one side a luxury, authentic textured wood grain effect and on the other a traditional grooved finish, giving homeowners the choice for their garden project. The game-changing Hyperion decking boards, in addition to the cladding and fencing ranges of the same name, are now produced using renewable wind energy as well. These latest changes to the production method mean that Hyperion composite decking boards will now produce a whopping 59.67% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) across its lifetime than maintained timber deck boards.

Within the high-rise construction industry, EnviroBuild is not standing still either. The new 150 Aqua Channel aluminium decking system is their newest revolutionising non-combustible system on the market complying with the newest fire legislations. The decking boards can be installed alongside built-in drainage for effortless upkeep. Its modern take on decking means a flush insert can provide a smooth and continuous look or be removed to create a more traditional look of gapped individual boards. This ensures 150 Aqua-Channel caters to all preferences and can be used to create versatile designs.

Given the innovative nature of these materials and others EnviroBuild supplies, it is no surprise that the products are distributed across thousands of homes in the UK and are increasingly becoming the first choice for contractors, architects, landscapers, and construction firms. In 2020 alone, EnviroBuild brought on six new commercial projects during lockdown including Taylor Wimpey’s new homes development at Innsworth and CALA homes construction in Cheltenham. EnviroBuild also featured in the Guardian and on ITV. Their garden furniture collection - Galleon - was also recommended by the Independent and in 2020 saw a massive 250% increase on 2019 sales.

The business turned over £13 million in its last financial year and in quarter two of 2020 EnviroBuild reported a 45% increase in revenue on 2019’s figures and that increased even further in quarter three with a 51% rise in revenue via the retail sales division.

Above all, EnviroBuild’s mission remains to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry by providing high quality products that are consistently the better environmental choice over current traditional products on the market. For every product EnviroBuild sells, a pragmatic approach is taken to manufacture a commercially viable product with significant environmental benefits; whether using high levels of recycled material, renewable energy in production or intelligent design to reduce input material in finished goods without compromising a long operational life.

These careful assessments naturally resulted in several awards highlighting the company’s sustainable efforts. In 2018, EnviroBuild had been awarded the Federation of Small Business London Ethical and Green Business of the Year awards,  and was presented with the Golden Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice within the “Building & Construction, Innovation” category at the International Green Apple Environment Awards. Most recently, they won the West London Business Award in the “Green Circular Economy Business of the Year” category at the start of 2021.

EnviroBuild also dedicates 10% of profits to sustainable causes, which is unmatched in the industry. From the beginning they have been supporting Rainforest Trust in their mission to protect endangered rainforests and species. They recently celebrated their 5th year of donations to the organisation and with those contributions protected nearly 250,000 acres equating to over 62million trees across Africa, South America, Central America and Asia.

EnviroBuild are true industry leaders in progressing the sustainability and environmental impact within the construction industry.

Products include:

Outdoor & garden




Awards won:

  • 2018: Federation of Small Business London Awards - Ethical and Green Business of the Year
  • 2018: International Green Apple Environment Awards – Golden Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice within the Building & Construction, Innovation category
  • 2021: West London Business Awards – Green Circular Economy Business of the Year


For more information, visit

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Savile Row’s Lee Marsh launches Online Jacket Tailoring Course April 2021

 Accomplished Savile Row tailor Lee Marsh, based in Nottingham, is proud to announce the launch of his fully online jacket tailoring course.  Marsh's first video series, Making a Bespoke Blazer, will launch on April 1. Later this year, a series on waistcoat making is also planned.

With over twenty years of experience at the heart of London fashion, Marsh has developed this educational service with the goal of providing those looking for apprenticeships and career in the trade with the best training possible.

Through a combination of instructional videos and one-to-one Zoom sessions, the course seeks to improve access to the industry and address the rate at which tailoring apprentices obtain permanent roles.  At present only a few, 6 in 40, get a permanent role per year.

The twelve-part video series will explain the step-by-step process of bespoke jacket making in a detail never seen before. Viewers will learn how to pattern match, cut, make and sew patch pockets, and much more. The private Zoom lessons, meanwhile, will offer more personalised help to those that desire it. Whether they are looking for assistance with particular skills or styles, or would like to benefit from Marsh's inside knowledge of the industry, he is happy to oblige.

Lee Marsh had this to say about the course:

"There is a lack of information available on bespoke jacket making. In my experience, unless you are one of the lucky few to get an opportunity to work on Savile Row or at any other tailoring house, there are only a few good courses you can attend and be trained by a Savile Row tailor.

"Whether they are jacket-making beginners or early in their career, I know that this course will help a lot of people who want to improve their knowledge of tailoring. This makes it so much more accessible for everyone."

The course

Learn how to pattern match when cutting out Jacket with your pattern.

How to cut make and sew patch pockets, outbreast welt, collar and sleeve matching on checks.

How to deal with plain cloth.

Private Zoom lessons via 2 way camera system, for students that need extra classes on particular areas or different styles.

Additional private lessons, students can benefit from inside knowledge on how to get into the industry or set up their own bespoke brand.

"Lee Marsh is a refreshing, creative and experienced tailor who is passionate, hardworking and willing to share his wealth of experience with the next generation of tailors."  Lee Dawson BEM, Managing Director, Samuel Brothers (St Paul's) Ltd

"Learning from Lee was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had. He taught me the most prestigious tailoring techniques throughout my apprenticeship, and always gave me the time I needed to learn them, which has enabled me to become a coatmaker working for multiple houses on Savile Row. I couldn't be more thankful"  said Hannah Cooper, jacket maker at Norton & Sons, 16 Savile Row

"Working and learning with Lee is a great experience. He is devoted to his students, giving them all his time and expertise. His knowledge has truly had a positive impact on my journey in bespoke tailoring” said Adam Lester, online student, USA/Canada

To book a consultancy call go to

About Lee Marsh –

Lee Marsh has been a Savile Row jacket maker since 2000. Starting at Henry Pool, he went on to work at Gieves & Hawkes before freelancing for most of Savile Row. His teaching experience began in 2008, when he took on his first apprentice at Huntsman, 11 Savile Row. Since then, he has taught and lectured at universities and runs private online lessons.

Pioneering tutor launches programme to tackle education concerns


An online teaching expert is ramping up support for returning pupils as they resume mainstream education.  Following a recent survey, the founder of Uplevel Academy, Kellie McCord, discovered that 83% of parents wanted their children to return to school but had major concerns that have not been addressed.

The concerns included the risk of Covid infection and testing, catching up with schoolwork, re-establishing friendships, transitioning from home to classroom teaching and school management.

The parents and carers who took part in the survey said they wanted schools to take a child-centred approach with a focus on socialising and making more time for pupils to spend time with each other.

The survey also found that the largest academic concerns were centred on English, with 35 parents citing this compared to 19 worried about mathematics. Other issues included communication with schools, assessments to identify weaknesses and emotional support.

Respondents also wanted additional learning opportunities for young people who might not return to school at the same academic level as their peers and called for a focus on one-to-one tuition, extra homework and weekend lessons.

Kellie McCord said: “The results show that the two paramount pains that both parents and children faced are catching up with learning and being able to socialise.  “With those two key problems in mind, parents and young people also felt a loss of motivation in learning and an increased level of social anxiety.   “In response to this and to keep up with demand, I am launching two new programmes in April which are 11+ English and GCSE English Language - Year 11.”

Furthermore, parents and carers said there should be a strong focus on emotional well-being, including counselling and promoting discussion on thoughts, feelings, and coping strategies for dealing with negative thoughts and emotions.

As such, Kellie has established online group programmes to advance young peoples’ learning coupled with a strong social and communicative environment.

There is also an emphasis on mindfulness strategies, including goal setting and vision boards to help pupils maintain consistency and take greater responsibility for their learning.

Kellie McCord added: “I specialise in teaching English with a fun, friendly and forward-thinking approach.

“Inclusion is also crucial, so I have adapted programmes for learners with dyslexia and ADHD. This ensures the learner is at the centre of the process along with the interwoven mindfulness strategies, so that each pupil takes greater ownership and responsibility for their learning, thus improving their confidence, motivation, and grades.

“I am determined that young people see within themselves a host of possibilities and not be hostage to uncertainty. My tutoring online will go a long way to achieving this.

“Extra tuition promotes personal and academic attainment and confidence with far-reaching benefits that will sustain a young person as they progress into further levels of study and beyond.”

Kellie McCord has a decade of teaching and tutoring experience and her unique style and practices draw on the best educational techniques to ensure the young people she teaches are inspired, engaged, and motivated to achieve academic success in their exams and beyond.

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