Thursday, 18 October 2018

redheadPR stay #aheadofthecurve as they launch new Website

Leading digital PR consultancy, redheadPR launch their new website which offers an exceptional user experience that excites, entertains and informs all at the same time.
This is ahead of the launch of the PR agency’s new offering launch in 2019.
The site has been designed to showcase the South West based agency and the wide range of PR services it offers businesses who want to get ahead #aheadofthecurve. Dynamic, vibrant and easy to navigate, the site makes a powerful statement about the forward-thinking, committed nature of the company. redheadPR's website has a powerful online presence.

Speaking about the site's launch, Sara Tye, founder and managing director of redheadPR, said, "We know how important a good online presence and website design can be in attracting and retaining your customers. In fact, you only have 2 - 4 seconds to engage new visitors. This is why we are so excited by the re-design and launch of our new site. We are an experienced PR agency that uses both digital and social methods to help our clients engage and build a successful business; putting their message across through content strategy, publishing and social media integration. We love to engage a variety of applications to get the most out of your networks, to impress, attract and convert the maximum amount of prospects."
redheadPR knows the importance of a fully responsive website, as nearly 8 in 10 customers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device. It comes as no surprise that mobile devices are projected to reach 79% of global internet use by the end of 2018.*
The website was created by digital experts, Digital Trading, a web development house, excelling in all things web-based for business and organisations. Their client experience includes Capita, Siemens, University of Oxford and Achilles to name but a few.
Full suite of online PR services from redheadPR

redheadPR offers tailored online solutions, as well as traditional methods, which are customised to fit each client's profile, needs and aspirations. Services available from the company include: SEO; Vlogs; online and offline media; social media as well as social media apps, blogs and forum articles; digital marketing; analysis reporting; and a selection of other services as required. The launch of redheadPR's new website is a good opportunity for businesses to find out more about the benefits of professional PR to the sustainability and success of their operations.