Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The importance of networking - and why face to face still counts!

The Manager recently published my views on networking and the true value of it. Here's what I said:
Modern business may be increasingly digital, but networking is more crucial than ever. In a competitive marketplace, great networkers know how to build their contacts list to build strong relationships, to make profitable introductions and to leverage opportunities for mutual gain! But what many people don't realise is just how important face to face networking still is. Yes, social media plays a vital role in professional relationship management - but never be fooled into thinking that it replaces that vital eye-contact, handshake and personal experience of an individual.

How do I know? I have been a prolific networker for many years and built up a network of over 5,000 contacts in that time - many before Outlook and social tools were even invented! And the investment in that slow, methodical building of business contacts has hugely paid off in terms of knowledge, career-building and early-door opportunities. I've also made some tremendous friends and helpful mentors along the way. So here are my top reasons to invest in your own networking activity - regardless of the industry that you work in or the stage of your career.

Professional relationships

You must build business relationships for a variety of reasons. Networking is just one aspect of doing so - but a crucial one, which helps your professional development by broadening your access to varied ideas, opinions, expertise and insights.


It builds your own profile and ensures that you are always present when handshakes are happening and profitable conversations are happening.


It gives you resilience and a powerful resource for the future - you never know when you will need to call on your network.

A potential supplier base

Your network will give you access to an excellent potential base of suppliers - something that many businesses struggle to find.


Whether you are looking for your next opportunity or seeking to find great talent for your own hiring role, networking puts you in front of the right people in an informal setting.

Business development

Every informal business conversation can herald the opportunity to build a mutually-satisfying business relationship!


People will naturally refer other people - so the power of your network vastly exceeds your own contact card list.


Never underestimate the power and value of a good social occasion. People remember people that they like - and think of them when business opportunities arise.

Everyone is worthwhile

Never write someone off as 'not worth knowing'. You'll be amazed at who turns out to be helpful!

Nurture your network

Use social media and email to reach out by all means, but look for opportunities to meet for a coffee, to link up at an event or hold your own small talk or drinks event to get everyone together. Aim for at least 4 hours a week of networking activity to see real results!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Common Sense Gardening initiative continues to reap the benefits of redheadPR’s expertise across the gardening sector

Wiltshire-based redheadPR, the dynamic independent public relations consultancy, has confirmed a long-term campaign with the Common Sense Garden initiative from the Garden Group of Crop Protection Association (CPA).

“This year, we will be continuously increasing their online presence through a multi-faceted online campaign which will be more focused on millennial gardeners” said Sara Tye, founder and managing director of redheadPR.

There are many myths and assumptions around the horticulture sector and the campaign aims to dispel these while providing gardeners with advice and hacks they can use in their own garden.

Sara Tye, founder and managing director redheadPR, said: “We love working with Common Sense Gardening, and will be using a diverse campaign to deliver its objectives, focusing on social media and digital methods. 

“Off-page, high-ranking coverage from PR is crucial to clients like Common Sense Gardening when considering their online profile and SEO. 

"We’ll continue to work across all social media platforms, growing them organically and through bespoke methods geared towards its specific audience.

“A continued PR campaign is integral to awareness building, and profile raising for organisations like Common Sense Gardening.”

Previously, the Common Sense Gardening Initiative and redheadPR conducted primary research which disproved many anecdotal myths. 40% of millennial gardeners stated that they had seen an increase in the number of weeds and invasive plants taking over their gardens.

“Our relationship with redheadPR enables us to look forward to taking full advantage of its experience in our sector. Together we will successfully run an exciting digital campaign throughout 2019,” said Gary Philpotts, chairman of the Common Sense Gardening Group.

redheadPR’s sector expertise includes having been an associate member of The Garden Industry Manufacturer's Association (GIMA) and successfully building connections with the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), Garden Media Guild, RHS and many other allied organisations.

Having celebrated 15 years in business, redheadPR has also worked with many leading brands in the gardening sector including The Garden Media Guild, Anthony Tesselaar International, Briers, raingardenkits.co.uk, John Woods Nurseries, grow-your-own specialist and Stewart Garden.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Sara Tye sponsors and presents top regional business award

The founder and managing director of redheadPR, Sara Tye, presented and sponsored the Networker of the Year award at the recent South West Business and Community Awards 2018. 

The winner was Sian Swift, Business Development Manager at The Business Exchange Magazine and Sales Manager for the Kaleidoscope Collection. 

In a statement on Twitter, Swift said: “It was wonderful to win. Thank you so much to the team at Purple Lime Accountancy for the nomination and to all my supporters who have faith in me!” 

Swift was one of 16 winners at the awards ceremony on January 24th, which celebrated the region’s most ambitious, inspiring and exciting charities, individuals and businesses. 

They were entrepreneurs who’d found unique solutions to their problems, worked unrelentingly to improve their industries or overcome personal and professional hardship to succeed. 

Keynote speaker Monty Halls of TV’s Great Escapes delivered an inspiring keynote talk, and the evening raised thousands for charities Swindon 105.5 FM, Prostate Cancer UK and Cherishers. 

Tye was given nods for two of the highly respected regional business awards, in the Lifetime of Achievement and Female Entrepreneur of the Year categories. 

She said: “I was thrilled to be in the running! Being shortlisted for the Lifetime of Achievement award in particular is hugely humbling. 

“This year, redheadPR marks 15 years of being in business. I have worked tirelessly for the past 30 years and it's been gruelling; from fighting to keep my business going through the 2008 crash, to moving back to Swindon from London. I'm delighted to be shortlisted for both of these amazing awards.” 

Referring to the networking award her company presented and sponsored, Tye added: “Congratulations to Sian! Networking is absolutely fundamental. I wouldn't have got where I am today without it. You need to build business relationships for a variety of reasons, and I’d always advise people to look for chances to meet in person. Aim for four hours a week of networking activity to see the best results.”