Wednesday, 7 November 2018

redheadPR offers top consultancy at Introbiz 2018

Leading digital PR consultancy redheadPR is exhibiting at Introbiz, the biggest business exhibition in Wales, on November 22 2018 on stand 209. 

The PR agency look forward to speaking to businesses and entrepreneurs at the one-day event in Cardiff ahead of the launch of its new offering for 2019. 
2018 sees redheadPR celebrate 15 years in business. As part of the celebration, Sara Tye, founder and managing director of redheadPR, is offering delegates the chance to win one hour of free consultancy with her. As a top 500 international PR, Sara helps many organisations and business transform. Visit stand 209 to find out more.

Legendary business icon, Lord Alan Sugar, star of the BBC’s The Apprentice, is giving the headline keynote speech at Wales’ National Business Exhibition at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena. 
The British business magnate, media personality, politician and political adviser became a billionaire in 2015, According to the Sunday Times Rich List. In 2016 his fortune was estimated at £1.15bn, ranking him as the 95th richest person in the UK, proving entrepreneurialism at its best.

Sara Tye, founder and managing director of redheadPR, said: “We’re really looking forward to exhibiting in Cardiff. We’ve always worked with businesses in Wales and it’s fantastic to be able to showcase our services as such a leading business show.” 

As a key location for growth, Tye points to statistics highlighting the need for her firm’s services across Wales. Last year across the region, more than a third (38.3%) of private sector employment across Wales was in large enterprises (i.e. those with at least 250 employees) – while the figure for the UK as a whole was 39.8%. 

Indeed, Wales has become a hub for successful businesses, and in 2016 had the UK’s fastest growing economy. Clearly, its strong transport links mean Wales is ideal for commercial traffic, while the financial benefits to organisations being in Cardiff rather than London are clear. Wages are 70% of those for equivalent roles in the UK’s capital (i), and Grade A office space costs 40% of a similar offering in London (ii). 

Equally, the Welsh capital is one of just six UK cities with an internet exchange, providing data-heavy firms with word-class resilience.

Tye adds: “We’re always keen to champion enterprise in Wales, and we offer a wide range of PR services aimed at businesses keen to get ahead of the curve. We can’t wait to meet some of these organisations towards the end of November.” 

redheadPR offers tailored online solutions, as well as traditional methods, which are customised to fit each client's profile, needs and aspirations. Services available from the company include: SEO; Vlogs; online and offline media; social media as well as social media apps, blogs and forum articles; digital marketing; analysis reporting; and a selection of other services as required.
Visiting the redheadPR stand is a great opportunity for businesses to find out more about the benefits of professional PR to the sustainability and success of their operations.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

How prepared are you for Black Friday?

It falls on November 23 this year, the day after Thanksgiving in America, and has long been heralded in the US as the start of the festive shopping season – although the term ‘Black Friday’ has only been really widely used since the turn of the Millennium. 

In recent years, Black Friday has taken off this side of the pond, as a chance for retailers to make a big promotional push a month before Christmas. (Last year, online sales in the UK reached £1.4bn on Black Friday.) 

And while many shops dip their prices for 24 hours to get people splashing their cash in the run-up to the festive season, numerous retailers now spread their deals over a fortnight. 

Additionally, others focus on Cyber Monday, always the first weekday after Black Friday – so this year it’s on November 26 – as a great opportunity for massive online promotion. 

How ready are you? 

With such a great chance for serious sales, you need to be properly prepared in advance to maximise this opportunity. 

That means ensuring your promotions reach your target audience, and that you’re really thinking about what you’re offering, and to whom. It’s quite important that you aim at a specific customer, rather than being too generic or trying to please everyone.

Shoppers will be writing a list before the big day to be able to search and purchase as quickly as possible. This means that you can be more specific than you would be with general seasonal sales.

If you’re running a social media campaign, you can really hone in on your target demographic. For example, choose a geographical location, age profile, specify particular interests etc.

Don’t leave planning until the last minute. Given that Black Friday really does now go on for at least a week, be ready. For example, if you’re planning on running a different deal on each day for a week, think those through thoroughly and well in advance.

Consider how you will get your message out – will it be by blog, newsletter, social media or press release? And how far in advance are you prepping the consumer?

Remember, the more places that you Black Friday deal is featured online, the better this is for your search engine optimisation (SEO). This means that your visibility on online presence is increased.

You also need to know what you expect to gain from your Black Friday push. Set targets and measure the results. It’s best to set KPI’s before as a driver to achieve your objectives. 

Particularly with social media campaigns, not least those you’re paying for, you need to be sure you’re getting results. 

Finally, with an expected upturn in sales, be sure you can handle this increased volume. Make sure your team can respond adequately to social media comments, phone calls, sales handling and website traffic.

redheadPR help raise over £1,000 for bomb disposal charity

redheadPR was proud to be one of the sponsors of The Victory Swim, a fantastic one-day event, which raised £1094 for the Felix Fund, a charity supporting bomb disposal personnel and their families. The event saw participants of all ages and abilities experience an exciting open-water swim in the glorious Cotswolds Lake near Cirencester.

As well as providing £250 of sponsorship money, founder and managing director of redheadPR, Sara Tye, also took part in the event, which took place on Thursday 6 September 2018.
During the event, entrants were able to swim with Jack Cummings, a double-amputee war veteran who is an Invictus Games medal winner.

As well as being founder and managing director of redheadPR, Sara is also an award-winning entrepreneur, a business and organisational expert, a keen triathlete and chair of Swindon Triathlon Club. 

Sara said, "On a personal level, I love being involved in sporting events. This year alone, I’ve taken part in the Clevedon Long Swim, The Great North Swim 5K, a middle distance 70.3 triathlon in Exmoor, the Swindon Half Marathon, the Dursley Dozen, and the Tri Ferris Cotswold Sprint Triathlon….to name but a few.”

Sara goes on to say “The Victory Swim is a brilliant example of how sport can inspire people, and change lives. In terms of redheadPR, we love to give back to the community and sponsor events and initiatives that we think are particularly worthwhile. We hope that our involvement will encourage other companies to come forward and support this extremely worthwhile event."

Swimming success clearly runs in the family at redheadPR, as Sara’s two daughters also took part in The Victory Swim. Samantha, aged 12 swam 1,500 meters in the lake, whilst Amelia, aged 11 swam 750 meters. Samantha, is also an ambassador for HUP
™ Children's CyclingChildren's Cycling.

Sara and Samantha also took part in this year's Swim Serpentine on Saturday 22 September 2018. Together they both swam half a mile. This well-known open-water swimming event is held in Hyde Park in the beautiful Serpentine, the same stretch of water that was used for outdoor swimming races during the 2012 London Olympics. This year, Sara has already completed the Pier to Pier Bournemouth open-water swimming event, swimming 1.4 miles between Bournemouth Pier and Boscombe Pier.

The 2019 Victory Swim promises to be particularly special, with advanced swimmers having the opportunity to attempt a Channel swim, either solo or as part of a relay team. If you are interested in swimming or sponsoring the event, please contact pr@redheadPR for more information.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

redheadPR stay #aheadofthecurve as they launch new Website

Leading digital PR consultancy, redheadPR launch their new website which offers an exceptional user experience that excites, entertains and informs all at the same time.
This is ahead of the launch of the PR agency’s new offering launch in 2019.
The site has been designed to showcase the South West based agency and the wide range of PR services it offers businesses who want to get ahead #aheadofthecurve. Dynamic, vibrant and easy to navigate, the site makes a powerful statement about the forward-thinking, committed nature of the company. redheadPR's website has a powerful online presence.

Speaking about the site's launch, Sara Tye, founder and managing director of redheadPR, said, "We know how important a good online presence and website design can be in attracting and retaining your customers. In fact, you only have 2 - 4 seconds to engage new visitors. This is why we are so excited by the re-design and launch of our new site. We are an experienced PR agency that uses both digital and social methods to help our clients engage and build a successful business; putting their message across through content strategy, publishing and social media integration. We love to engage a variety of applications to get the most out of your networks, to impress, attract and convert the maximum amount of prospects."
redheadPR knows the importance of a fully responsive website, as nearly 8 in 10 customers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device. It comes as no surprise that mobile devices are projected to reach 79% of global internet use by the end of 2018.*
The website was created by digital experts, Digital Trading, a web development house, excelling in all things web-based for business and organisations. Their client experience includes Capita, Siemens, University of Oxford and Achilles to name but a few.
Full suite of online PR services from redheadPR

redheadPR offers tailored online solutions, as well as traditional methods, which are customised to fit each client's profile, needs and aspirations. Services available from the company include: SEO; Vlogs; online and offline media; social media as well as social media apps, blogs and forum articles; digital marketing; analysis reporting; and a selection of other services as required. The launch of redheadPR's new website is a good opportunity for businesses to find out more about the benefits of professional PR to the sustainability and success of their operations.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Collaborating with bloggers

I was recently asked for my views on collaborating with bloggers for a piece on Productive Blogging. 

You can read my thoughts below and read the feature here.

How bloggers can best work with PRs and brands on sponsored posts/collaborations

What do you look for when choosing bloggers

Bloggers contact us for different reasons. To review products, which mean we have to send the clients product to them. Generally this is not returned. Or the blogger may need comment for an article or a regular column. Choosing to work with a blogger can be for many reasons.  

The amount of pages viewed on a blog is essential and one of the first things we look for – there is no point having great content if no one sees it. Great bloggers normally have great stats.

A large social media following is a must. Like anything these days, social media presence is crucial for promotion. From a PR point of view, we provide a blogger with content or a product and we need it to be visible to as many of the correct audience as possible in as many places a possible. The blogger should share the story more than once on their social media pages for us and our client to engage with.

Good content is always crucial. The blogger needs to be able to write engaging copy that’s well written. We would also expect a backlink to the relevant website to be included. It’s the new journalism and we hope that bloggers understand that.

The website has to look appealing with high resolution and quality images. The website also needs to be easy to navigate. Without this, people will drop-off the website without giving the content a chance.

Do you encourage bloggers to contact you directly with a pitch? If so how do you suggest they do that? What would you like to receive from them?

Yes, we’re always interested to hear from bloggers – existing and new.

For us, email is best, or phone, but we need the information to make a considered decision etc. so email can do that.

We would always like to see a media pack, links to example features & their success.

What do you want to see in a media kit from a blogger? And what do you really NOT want/need in a media kit??

Keep it short, visual and factual.

Key information:
·       who you are
  • demographic
  • page views
  • average entries for competitions & third party data permissions
  • links to feature example

We don’t want to see the following:
  • the bloggers life story or personal information 
  • poor images – resolution, lighting etc.
  • poor use of language
  • poor or no examples

What can a blogger do to make themselves be more likely to be chosen for a paid campaign?

Be higher profile.

We would probably know them already as they would be a key figure in our industry.

Offer as many statistics and data as possible, we like to see proof of deliverables.

Investigate the products/feature their looking to promote so they know what they’re talking about before making contact with PRs.

Offer a thorough review/feature with a minimum word count, number of images and backlink to the relevant website.

Guarantee regular engagement on social media, using the right tags and hashtags.

Be willing to negotiate on price. Smaller clients don’t always have a large budget and product offerings can be pricey for them.

Include engaging imagery in blogs/posts. If it’s a product and you can’t take good photographs, ask to be supplied with imagery to use.  

What advice would you give bloggers in negotiating the best fees for a project?

Know your PR and the clients you want to work with. Generally the fee will be relevant because you know your audience and what you are writing about.

There is an art to negotiating, but the outcome needs to suit both the PR and blogger.

There is often a lot of frustration in the blogging world about lack of fees/low fees. How can we work together to best improve that situation?

Fees in traditional media came from advertising and the two rarely crossed over. Editorial was about a good story.

Everyone wants value for money and the above and below the line has become blurred. A PR knows when they should be paying for something because they will see the value.

PRs get approached several times every day and many bloggers are happy to feature for free if the content is good and will get them good engagement.  This is because in the end it is win win. 

Offer a series of features over 12 months – a long term partnership will have ongoing engagement is the way we like to work.  As its relevant for all.

We get asked for a lot for paid for entries, but the bloggers statistics just aren’t big enough to warrant our clients paying for a feature.

Invest the time, resource and relationships to get a great looking blogs and increase your social media following before asking for paid for activity.

What do you like about working with bloggers?

That they’re open to ideas and features opportunities. It’s great to work together on specific angles.
What would you like to see more of in the blogging industry?

Bloggers coming back to PR’s every quarter to see if we have any news to share. We try and keep our contacts updated with all the latest news, but it’s great to touch base and check in every now and then. It also strengthens the relationship.

More thorough features/reviews, not just one or two sentences. It’s very disappointing to see, especially when there has been an investment, either in a fee or by sending a product to the blogger.

Better quality images. There are no excuses these days. Mobile phones and Instagram filters means that anyone can have great images.