Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Essential Twitter tips - in 140 characters or less

If I’d told you 10 years ago that businesses could engage effectively with their audience with as little as 140 characters, you’d have called me crazy. But now, through the power of Twitter, successful brands are doing just that. 

Even though it’s such a prominent part of our lives, we’re still not seeing businesses exploit Twitter’s full potential. So, here are my seven top tips to make your company stand out from the rest - and gain valuable information:

·         Make your business a source of industry information. Be a thought leader and offer insightful content to your followers

·         Engage your audience with photos. Give them a behind the scenes look at what’s going on and make them feel part of your business

·         Retweet relevant breaking news. This shows your expert handle on your industry and that you’re bang up to date

·         Keep an eye on the competition. Twitter gives you insight into what’s working for them - and what isn’t

·         Following your rivals also keeps you up to speed with what they’re up to – and how well they’re being received

·         Twitter can help build strong brand recognition and spread awareness. Respond to your followers, look up hashtags for your industry

·         A loyal following is great but what’s the point if they’re not buying? Your feed should showcase your offering without being too salesy

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