Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Trion:Z - I feel good!

I love my new Trion:Z it's fantastic. Everyone's talking about them. They look good and make you feel good - the Trion:Z is helping me focus and keep on track with my running training programme. 8 miles last Saturday morning in the snow. Will this help me achieve a personal best at the Bath Half Marathon in March 2011. I hope so!

It seems that Trion:Z is the must have piece of equipment for all sports stars. James Anderson, Stuart Broad from the England cricket team were seen wearing them.

These new Trion:Z products, pronounced Tri-on-Zee, use magnetic and ionic technology and users have reported that they aid with focus, energy, improve, fatigue and injury recovery. They have taken the cricket and sports world by storm!

Trion:Z star, James Anderson is a believer in the product and reports how it helps him cope with the long training sessions.

About Trion:Z

Trion:Z, developed in Japan as a performance and lifestyle product over 10 years ago has gone from strength to strength in the health and lifestyle market.

Trion:Z launched its award winning range of products in 1997 and is now a leader in providing magnetic ionic gear to the global health and fitness arena, with a presence in over 60 countries worldwide.

With Trion:Z’s negative ion releasing Mineon Health Fibres and capsules, negative ions are released at rates of 50-100 times greater than competing products and the patented magnetic technology ensures that the magnetic flow remains constant, making it one of the most technologically advanced product on the market.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Running Around and Not Getting Anywhere

I have been told so many times over the last few months 'YOUR BLOG NEEDS UPDATING'. The reason I haven't is because I had another priority. Getting ready for the Swindon Half Marathon - one of the most gruelling in the country. I have now completed that race and running has become an integral part of my life rather than a huge challenge. Pictures to prove it. My Blog will be updated regularly from now on. For all those that are interested!