Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Rebellious Entrepreneur Celebrates three awards and £110k in just one year

 An award-winning virtual networking entrepreneur is bucking the trend by enjoying huge growth after just one year in business.

Since launching Rebellious Business at the start of the first covid-19 lockdown, founder Cordelia Kate has seen more than £110,000 in sales and attracted more than 600 new members.

The Rebellious Business Network hosts free events for emerging entrepreneurs bringing members upbeat networking, training, expert speakers, and resources every week.

Cordelia, who was recognised by Business Insider as one the 10 female social media experts you should know, said: “Just before lockdown, all of the networking groups and large conferences were getting cancelled, so I decided to start The Rebellious Business Network to keep business owners connected through the coming months of social distancing.

“My mantra was that social distancing does have to mean social disconnection.”

Being recognised by Business Insider was just one of the accolades received by Cordelia and Rebellious Business.

She also received the Nick James Masterminder of the Year award and was runner up in the Best New Business category of the Women in Business Awards.

Cordelia was delighted to receive these awards within her first year of trading.

She said: “The launch of the network led to so many incredible achievements such as our first virtual conference and launching a Mastermind, both things were long term goals that I didn’t expect to reach so quickly.”

With many people turning to online courses and coaches to keep themselves active, the Rebellious community helps members get to know each other, offering a network of support and collaboration.

Cordelia has no intention of staying entirely virtual and has her sights set on future in-person events.

“All of this success has of course led on to having even bigger dreams for the impact we can create in the future,” said Cordelia.

“When all this lockdown drama is behind us, I want to launch a Rebellious Business Festival - a fun and upbeat conference where emerging entrepreneurs come to get a fully immersive and exuberating experience that leaves them feeling excited, energised and ready to implement strategies that will help them achieve the success they are striving for.

“The desire to do this perhaps stems from the fact that my father founded the Isle of Wight festivals.

“There are fun events running through my blood and I want to bring this to the business world. We are on a mission to paint the business world with personality and we are only just getting started with that,” she added.

The network can be joined via - and has an active Facebook group

Thursday, 25 February 2021

‘Nurture’ : an original lino print especially for Mother’s Day by Printmaker Hannah Turlington.

 Hannah Turlington launches her original lino print especially for Mother’s day. Living and working in North Yorkshire, Hannah is a printmaker who is driven to create by her love of colour, nature and life’s stories. ‘Nurture’ is the fourth in her 2021 series of word lino prints, inspired by human nature.

According to Hallmark, Mother’s Day is the third biggest sending card event. 113 million cards are typically exchanged every year, with over 80% of adult males and females honouring Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a day that summons up feelings of joy and gratitude for many people, however there are feelings of sadness and perhaps a reminder of the loss of never becoming a mother. Nurture is a strong word and it symbolises an act of love. Nurture is something that we all need, to enable us to become the best person that we can be.

You do not have to be a mother to nurture, you can be a friend, a relative, a work colleague, or a teacher...the list is endless.

Most importantly we need to nurture ourselves...

‘Nurture’ is the fourth in the words lino print collection for 2021, joining ‘Love’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Be Kind’. Every piece of work inspired by human nature and nature.

Hannah invites you to embrace the fragility of human nature and start collecting her Words lino prints. They are perfect for those mothers, fathers, those that make us feel safe, those that have nurtured us ... or as a reminder to nurture yourself.

Hannah Turlington is a printmaker, living and practicing in North Yorkshire, whose work is defined as fine art, designs, workshops,(both online and face to face) and commissions. Hannah specialises in telling stories with her art. She says:

‘I am a story teller and I use my work to tell those stories. Sometimes they belong to me; Sometimes they belong to others but usually they belong to all of us’.

Hannah goes through a multi staged process to make the print; collecting inspiration, illustrating, carving the block and then finally printing before sending through your door.  Hannah’s distinctive style is highly detailed and it is enhanced by her choice of colour.

‘Nurture’ is hand printed to order by Hannah in her North Yorkshire studio. ‘Nurture’ is 20 cm by 15 cm, printed in Payne’s Grey onto A4 sized printmaking paper. Each print is signed by Hannah.

‘Nurture’: an original lino print, the fourth in her Words collection, is available through Hannah’s website , priced £15 including postage in the UK.

Follow Hannah on Instagram: hannahturlingtonart 

Saturday, 20 February 2021

EnviroBuild win Green 'Circular Economy' Business of the Year

EnviroBuild are delighted to announce they have won Green 'Circular Economy' Business of the Year at the West London Business Awards 2021.

James Brueton, the co-founder of EnviroBuild alongside Aidan Bell, commented on the honour: "We are absolutely thrilled to have won Green 'Circular Economy' Business of the Year. At EnviroBuild, we've made sustainability the core of our business model and we are so happy to have been recognised for that!

"We have some big plans coming up for EnviroBuild and sustainability is, as I always has been, the key driver towards them, from recent moves such as working with a more sustainable logistics partner, to designing new products and ensuring that all of our composite products are produced using 100% renewable energy."

EnviroBuild can include this accolade on a list that reflects their growing sustainability credentials. Previous honours include a Green Business of the Year Award from the Federation of Small Business London, a Golden Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice, and a People's Champion finalist position at the Startups Awards.

As a company dedicated to sustainability, EnviroBuild's mission is to redress the construction industry's carbon footprint. They look for practical ways to improve both their energy usage and input materials to lessen the need for materials traditionally used in the industry.

Using their knowledge and experience to put together quality, ecologically sound products, most of which come from recycled sources and are themselves recyclable, EnviroBuild strives to make sustainability straightforward for customers.

Sustainable products offered by the company include:

EnviroBuild Manticore Lumber is a substitute for wood made entirely from recycled plastic. Through this, plastic that would never have been usable via standard recycling processes can be repurposed – the kind of circular product in which the company takes pride.

The company's porcelain paving, which is created using renewable sources, contains a significant 40 per cent recycled material.

EnviroBuild's Hyperion decking contains 90 per cent recycled material, uses 100 per cent renewable energy to power the manufacturing process and has a long use life which all gives it a smaller carbon footprint than traditional decking, as shown by a recent Life Cycle Assessment, making it clear that sustainable materials can have a big impact.

The company also strives to give back, supporting initiatives which benefit local communities, the environment and eco-systems at large. EnviroBuild are committed to improving the world of today and have helped conserve almost 250,000 acres of rainforest so far, donating 10 per cent of their profits to sustainable causes, and helping them become a carbon negative business.

Learn more about EnviroBuild and their sustainability here:

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Black Insomnia brings Dark Roast Grounds to Coffee Drinkers

The caffeine alchemists at Black Insomnia Coffee have come up with another body-jolting offering. Dark Roast Grounds are richer and darker, promising the same notorious super-high caffeine kick.

The CEO of Black Insomnia, Jim Walker, said: "It’s for the workaholics, the early-starters, the grafters, and the ones who go the extra mile.”

“When you need a super-high caffeine kick, Black Insomnia delivers that and more just when you need it most. With a range of products to suit your lifestyle, we are ready and waiting for your next challenge."

This robust coffee is deeper tasting than ever before and has 1105mg of caffeine in every 12oz standard sized mug, which is a whopping four times the strength of most high street brands.

This energy-enhancing delight is made from Arabica and Robusta beans in the traditional Italian way by barrel-roasting them in small batches.

This carefully tended blend is perfect for the coffee connoisseur who loves a heavier, more intense brew with a nutty aroma and dark chocolatey aftertaste.

The caffeine content in beans can vary, so Black Insomnia sources from producers of the tastiest, highest-content beans. Only the right kind of high-caffeine beans are selected for roasting, which is what gives Black Insomnia coffee its unique flavour and potent kick.

Jim Walker added "Black Insomnia is all about supporting the hardest working people around. Nobody is more deserving of support than our fantastic NHS workers, who are putting themselves in harm's way for our safety every single day. Early starts and night shifts are second nature to our NHS. That's why we at Black Insomnia offer a permanent 15% off discount to all NHS workers to keep them alert and fuelled through the longest days and toughest nights. It's the least we can do!"

Black Insomnia Grounds (DARK) retails at £14.99 and is available here:


Connoisseur information

Roast level: Dark


Further information on Black Insomnia Coffee is available at

Follow Black Insomnia on their social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter #sleepingischeating and LinkedIn.

Nearly 50% of people are overeating during lockdown


Mutli award-winning nutrition coach and author Nikola Howard is urging people to give carb-loaded lockdown comfort eating the boot.

After surveying members of her 12,000-strong Facebook community Nikola found many were overeating due to boredom and lack of structure.

Of the 161 respondents who answered: “I am comfort eating due to . . .”

• 43% said it was due to not having many things to look forward to, so they are eating food as a treat

• 29% were comfort eating due to being locked down with little to do and felt bored

• 28% said they did not have a plan they could keep to for eating healthily, and were returning to old patterns

Nikola was awarded Nutritional Coach Mentor of the Year this week by Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021

According to Nikola, people comfort-eat for a variety of reasons including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and boredom.

While this is sometimes seen as a harmless way to de-stress there can also be a more shameful stigma attached.

Nikola said: “These mixed messages set people up for feelings of needless guilt and shame as well as embedding that food is a ‘treat’ that a person either has to earn with ‘good behaviour’ or use as a comfort if they are feeling bad.”

Humans are hard-wired to enjoy the physical sensation of eating from birth at the safety of a mother’s breast, drinking the combination of sugars and fats contained in breast milk.

Beyond this, children and adults are often rewarded with sweet things for being ‘good’ and something comforting, usually carb-based, when feeling low.

It is this relationship with food that often causes people to falter when trying diets.

Nikola believes a great deal of comfort can come from community support and this led her to create her low carb group.

“We can change the ways we react to certain situations and feelings with the proper support and not eating carb-rich foods.,” she said.  “I still have comfort eating episodes, and now they are filled with steak, broccoli and Mushroom and a red wine sauce.  “So called comfort food is essentially a learned behaviour and this behaviour can be changed. “I have developed unique methods over the past 20 for my clients and the community. They have been expertly tested and validated and shown excellent results over and over again.”

Nikola’s Facebook group, Low Carb in the UK, is a community offering advice, support and recipes helping people in their lifestyle journey on a low carb diet.

The website offers a whole range of courses, webinars and articles information and details of her books.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

MasterChef champion Irini Tzortzoglou cooking up life lessons at University


University of Cumbria is teaming up with 2019 MasterChef champion Irini Tzortzoglou to offer its students an exclusive cookery class series.

‘Uni.Yum’ is a series of six free sessions launching on Wednesday, 27 January 2021.

Irini will present a 45-minute session every Wednesday at 6pm from the kitchen of her home in south Cumbria. After the launch, each session will follow a different theme ranging from cookery basics to nutritional elements such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Via Microsoft Teams, students will be invited to create dishes in real time with Irini and join in live and interactive Q&As.

The scheme aims to help students at University of Cumbria learn to cook satisfying and nutritious meals for themselves and others, on a budget and using basic ingredients and equipment. They will gain valuable culinary skills and knowledge, not only helping break the time spent at home during lockdown but also preparing them for life beyond graduation.

Harnessing the power food has in bringing people together, the cookery series will also be a creative outlet to support students’ wellbeing.

Not only will they be able to cook with Irini, students also have the option to watch the shows with those within their households at a time when many are correctly following government’s ‘Stay at Home’ messages and are not yet back in their usual university halls or accommodation.

Crete-born Irini said: “I am thrilled to be sharing with students some of my cooking knowledge, tips and tricks. These are no ordinary cookery classes as Uni.Yum will include advice on shopping, cooking and eating mindfully,  aiming for a healthy and happy time on campus and beyond while increasing confidence and creativity. 

“Uni.Yum is also going to break up time studying and being at home during lockdown. Eating food is often also a shared experience and I hope this will give University of Cumbria students across the country and beyond a chance to cook dishes for loved ones and others where that is possible.”

Irini lives near Cartmel in south Cumbria, a food lover’s haven renowned for its award-winning restaurants and eateries and its world-famous culinary figures. She published her first book, ‘Under the Olive Tree’, in the summer of 2020 and is currently writing her second.

She added: “I’m also very excited to be able to continue to offer knowledge in the form of short videos, photographs and recipes through the dedicated Instagram feed Uni.Yum where students will be also invited to post and put questions to me whenever they need to be supported or inspired.

Dr Signy Henderson, Dean for Student Success at University of Cumbria, said: “This is a challenging time for us all including our students. The social aspects of university life this year are necessarily different with much more of a focus on staying in and making the most of the home environment.

“Therefore it is pleasing to see how Uni.Yum will provide students with a creative outlet to try something that’s different and fun, expanding their knowledge about balanced eating and how to use good, simple ingredients to nourish themselves and perhaps share within their household.

“Uni.Yum offers the flexibility for students to join the cooking sessions with Irini live or to watch the demonstrations and cook later, whatever works for them.”

Molly McConnell, welfare officer at University of Cumbria Students’ Union, said: “I am delighted to have been able to assist Irini and the university on the Uni.Yum project, especially having had my own challenges with meal times during my degree and my recent healthy eating campaign halted by the pandemic.

“The project also aligns well with the Students' Union's focus for the beginning of this semester: we're working to reignite the motivation and passion in our student body as they push through their assessments and, for many of them, continue on as key workers alongside their studies.

“Irini's passion and energy has been hugely refreshing and I know it will be an incredibly inspiring experience for the students that engage with the sessions. I can really see the potential therapeutic value for our students too, particularly those struggling to switch off in the evenings and on again in the mornings.”

Follow @Uni.Yum on Instagram and the hashtag #Yumbria across social media platforms.

Irini Tzortzoglou – Chef, Food Writer, Tutorials, Motivational Speaking

  • 2019 UK MasterChef Champion
  • July 2019 – culinary retreat at 5 star hotel, Crete
  • October 2019 – Women Of The Year awards lunch
  • Instagram lives – cooking with other chefs, including Michelin (5 star) Simon Rogan and others
  • Cooking videos for Kids On The Green (Grenfell Tower related charity) and Royal Voluntary Service
  • July 2020 - UNDER THE OLIVE TREE (recipes from my Greek kitchen) was published by Headline.  Currently writing the second cookbook to be published in the Spring of 2022
  • Recipe development for Dodoni UK (producer of feta cheese)
  • Recipe development for Tsantali wines
  • UNI.YUM – cooking and nutrition classes delivered to Cumbria University students
  • Culinary retreats in Crete with Simpson Travel
  • Regular commentary on BBC Radio Cumbria
  • Featured in The Times, Hello Magazine and many others

Passionate about the culture of her homeland, where the food heritage goes back thousands of years to Minoan times, Irini (who was born in Crete and herself benefitted from homegrown, simple and often wild ingredients) is a fervent advocate of growing our own foods and buying locally wherever practical.  She is also a keen supporter of growers and breeders who engage in ethical and responsible practices and use foodstuffs offered freely in the local countryside.  Irini is herself a keen forager.

Convinced, like many, that our planet’s resources are fast being exhausted, Irini likes to inform and to inspire others to adopt a more caring attitude to the environment through the use of simple, seasonal or fresh ingredients wherever possible.  She has developed and is now delivering food classes to university students with the purpose of helping them plan and organise their shopping and cooking activities so as to ensure nutritional, balanced, flavoursome and beautiful dishes involving little waste in their preparation and consumption.

Being a people person (her career in banking was always centred on 

customer facing roles) Irini loves imparting her passion and knowledge by giving cooking classes and holding culinary retreats in the UK, Greece or other countries which she feels an affinity with.  Her paternal grandparents came from Asia Minor, she feels a strong connection to Italy and generally loves the food of the whole Mediterranean region. The first book she bought on moving to the UK in 1980 was about Moroccan cuisine.

As a trained olive oil sommelier, Irini is also passionate about the health and culinary benefits of extra virgin olive oils and is invited to speak and hold tastings on this fundamental pillar of the Mediterranean Diet. 

Irini also enjoys and is often engaged to design recipes using ingredients that she knows, uses herself or discovers.  When in her home island of Crete, Irini enjoys learning of developments in the local cuisine, goes foraging with family members and contributes in family or community events where food has centre stage. 

Irini inherited an artistic and creative nature.  Her father played the bouzouki and her mother enjoyed painting and taught Irini from a young age to knit, crochet and embroider whilst her grandmother and aunts were great weavers. She studied History of Art, Architecture and Design at Kingston University and was a legal director and leading actress for a London based Greek theatre group.  Irini brings her artistic flair to the food she creates as evidenced in the dishes that wowed the judges on MasterChef, by focussing on putting together flavours and textures that work perfectly together as well as eye-catching food-styling and photography for her social media following and print media content.

Over the course of her life, Irini has attended many self-development and motivational seminars, has read the works of modern thinkers and practitioners and her experience while competing at the highest amateur culinary level has provided her with invaluable lessons that allow her to inspire and empower others.  Using food as a medium, she believes that food preparation – as she experienced herself growing up in a communal style of cooking and eating – is a great leveller.  This has led her to leading team-building weekends where company employees (who may feel they have plateaued, uninspired, bored even disgruntled) can share in the joy of such a basic but also all-pervasive and time-honoured act of sourcing, preparing and sharing food for ourselves, loved ones and community.