Thursday, 6 May 2021

Ark Jewellery launches stunning collection of bridal jewellery

 Ark Jewellery has unveiled three new collections of bridalwear. Crafted in gold and inspired by Middle Eastern architecture, the collections are intended to symbolise beauty, tranquillity and eternity, making them perfect for brides planning their special day.

The new pieces of jewellery are environmentally friendly thanks to the use of recycled and fair trade gold. All of the packaging is also sustainable, ensuring the minimisation of any carbon footprint created by the production of the jewellery. 3D design and printing have innovatively been employed to produce these collections, which has allowed unique 3D patterns to be engraved into the precious metal, imbuing the pieces with a unique and stunning finish.

Ark Jewellery is owned by Kristina Smith, an artist, designer and silversmith who studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. Throughout her career, she has focused on sustainability within jewellery making and always tries to use recycled gold and fair trade gold to fashion her creations. Extremely passionate about environmental concerns, Kristina's jewellery and art are intended to inspire and educate as well as have a profound aesthetic value.

During the creation of these new collections, Kristina's vision was to create pieces that were inspired by some of the beautifully designed architecture of the Middle East. Utilising repetitive patterns and unique engravings, including geometric designs, the collection helps to highlight the beauty of gold. Symbolically, eternity is represented within each piece of jewellery, offering brides the chance to find a piece of jewellery that will fully reflect their special day and the eternal love they feel for their spouse-to-be.

Speaking about her latest pieces, Kristina Smith said: “Art without a story is meaningless. But like all good art, my pieces give you room to discover your own emotions, connections and weave them into a story that ultimately makes them part of your life.”

All the collections are intended to showcase the raw beauty of gold. Unlike with many bridal pieces, Kristina has specifically designed her jewellery with the intention of putting gold in the limelight. The patterns and intricate designs engraved into the metal are the highlights of the pieces and there are no gems or stones. However, Ark Jewellery can produce bespoke versions of any items within these collections, allowing brides to have their favourite gemstones put into the pieces if they so wish.

The three collections each offer their own take on showcasing the beauty of precious gold. The Starburst collection is made from precious yellow gold and features large and small domed pendants as well as earrings. They are available in both 14k and 18k gold and feature a choice of 41cm or 46cm chains.

The rose gold collection is named Rose Flower and features domed pendants with a V ball. Like the Starburst collection, Rose Flower is available in 14k and 18k versions. The third collection in the new series of jewellery is Palm Beach, which takes inspiration from the Middle East, ancient Near East and the Mediterranean world. Carefully crafted in white gold using 3D printing techniques, Palm Beach showcases an intricate pendant with a concave and layered design. Earrings and a white gold ring are also available.

The full range is available from Ark Jewellery now

Kristina Smith biography

I am born into an artist’s family. I grew up surrounded by painters and an eccentric actress, absorbing their artistic thoughts and experiences. My story also emanates from the personal paintings and heirlooms that have long been part of my family home, offering their own stories for generations to come.

I was offered a place at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at the London Metropolitan University. It was of course a dream come true. But like many artists, from studying what you love to finding the courage to turn that love into a business took me along a scenic route.

A true entrepreneur at heart, I founded my own recruitment company and coached young people seeking a career change and pushing their passion. This drive focused my own attention on my interests, and in 2019, the Ark Jewellery was born.

From day one, I have used recycled or fair-trade materials. Without a doubt, the jewellery business has a particular reputation and disregard for the planet through mining. As an artist, I believe the passion to create art is not just to make a perfect material to create beauty, but also to educate and raise awareness.

Being intrigued by new technologies and 3D design printing, I explored the boundaries of what we can do that are perceived as precious, mixing unusual materials such as wood and fine metals, incorporating gemstones into designs that are elegantly inspired by the fragility and beauty of nature.

A visit to the Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia, Spain captivated my imagination, and the eternal beauty of the repetitive patterns, colours and tranquillity throughout the palace led me to incorporate these feelings of stillness and eternity into some of my latest collections.

Art without a story is meaningless. But as all good art, my pieces give you room to discover your own emotions, connections and weave them into a story that ultimately makes them part of your life.

Indeed, stories are the essence of our existence. Without them, life becomes meaningless and dull. Each choice, each decision flows us into a particular direction, and the sum of everything that we do ultimately becomes the framework of our life. They form part of what we are as a person and our own journey, shaping of the stories and narratives that we will make in the future.

French artist and Post-Impressionist painter Paul C├ęzanne once said, something to this effect: A piece of art that did not start with an emotion cannot be considered an art.

Woodward Financials financial algorithm drive enhanced management service


Thames Valley based Woodward Financials now offer a unique advisory Enhanced Active Management Service™ unmatched by anyone in the market.

This unique algorithm, five years in the making, identifies trading opportunities in markets such as FX, and long-term indices such as the FTSE 100, Nikkei, and Dow Jones.

Woodward Financials, independent financial advisers, specialise in providing a unique personal advice service and investment strategy tailored around the needs and requirements of their valued client base.

As advisors for finance, investment and pensions, the new algorithm Woodward Financials has in place provides not only the best possible active management service available to investors but also gives their client’s investment portfolios the best possible chance to perform at their optimum.

In their last “live” test, Woodward Financials placed over 200 trades to gauge profitability with the algorithm, returning 216 winning trades out of 218.

The Enhanced Active Management Service™ uses a complex set of rules to be adhered to with the use of trading software, and a manual decision process to determine the outcome.

As a regulated firm, Woodward Financials are unable to trade FX for their clients, so they started to look closely at how to enhance their service to clients.

Woodward Financials believe that their algorithm is a game-changer, available to clients at a marginally higher cost than the industry standard. The AMC (Annual Management Charge) for this service is only 1.25% per year.

This Enhanced Active Management Service™ will mean Woodward Financials will be quick to react in an up market for potential gains, and in a down market to preserve capital.

David Woodward said, “To remain compliant, we need to understand a client’s attitude to risk on an annual basis, or if their situation changes throughout the year. This would be the maximum risk profile allocated to the client and will need to be confirmed in writing or by electronic signature request.

We will use our algorithm every day to monitor global markets and keep abreast of events that could affect portfolio direction. If we believe one or more markets are likely to be affected, we will alert all advisers to recommend to clients either a reduction or increase in risk for that particular sector/market.”

Interested parties can register at the earliest opportunity via or contact the investment team on 01793 683573.

David Woodward, Managing Director, Woodward Financials Biography

David Woodward is the Managing Director responsible for client investments and business transactions, he is heavily involved with all of the company’s support staff to make sure new and existing clients get the service they expect.

David who has worked in finance for many years, he started his client facing career as a Stockbroker and gained his qualifications as an Independent Financial Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Insurance and The London Institute of Banking and Finance. David understands the importance of professional qualifications, but knows qualifications are no substitute for time served investment experience, he continues building on his personal skill set of trading the world markets which allows him to provide first hand updates to clients.

David is now building on the service they offer with leading technology and has a road map to list on the London Stock Exchange as well as launching their own range of investment funds.

David sets the bar high thus giving a better chance of clients having flexibility, security and choices in retirement.

On a personal front David is married to Petra and has two children. He enjoys music, sailing and travel. David is also a competitive ageing martial artist and, although getting on in years, still competes at the odd International tournament.


Woodward Financials Backgrounder

Woodward Financials are independent financial advisers with offices located in Windsor, Newbury, Swindon and Cheltenham, as well as support offices in Wiltshire. They specialise in the delivery of a unique personal advice service and investment strategy tailored around the needs and requirements of their valued client base.

As Independent Financial Advisers, Woodward Financials work closely with tax professionals in Windsor and the surrounding areas as well as Newbury, Cheltenham and Windsor to ensure they always maintain awareness of the constantly changing environment in which they work to give their customers the right products and the very best independent advice at all times.

As one of the leading IFA and Wealth advisers, they understand that their clients are completely dependent on a professional, objective and efficient service delivered in a friendly, personal manner. By building trust in their client relationships, they are able to deliver relevant financial advice that is every bit as individual as the people they represent.

Woodward Financials firmly believe that by using registered tax consultants in Windsor, their clients can benefit financially from their wealth management service built around the values of experience, knowledge and continuous improvement.



Financial products are sometimes at their most useful when they are protecting families, incomes or property.

Whilst insuring against an undesirable event such as sickness or death may not be a pleasant thing to think about, the benefit of being able to set financial issues aside at emotionally difficult times cannot be overlooked.

There are various ways in which people can protect themselves, and because of the large range of products available, there is usually an appropriate policy for most circumstances and most budgets. Woodward Financials can help with many ways to protect families and their standard of living when they need it most.


Pensions are designed to enable people to save sufficient money during their working life to provide an income stream for them to live comfortably after they have retired.

There are many different ‘tools’ used to save for retirement, the taxation and investment elements of pensions can appear baffling. Woodward Financials specialise in explaining, recommending and monitoring pensions for their customers.


Mortgages are one of the largest single transactions in most people’s lives. Buying a property can be a stressful and time-consuming experience; nowadays the financing of a mortgage is a case of finding and selecting the most suitable mortgage, rather than simply accepting a lender’s offer.

Banks, building societies and smaller niche lenders compete for business, all offering a variety of interest rate deals, associated fees and other enhancements to attract borrowers.

The two main methods of repaying a mortgage are repayment (capital and interest) and interest only. It is also sometimes possible to set this up using a combination of the two.

Savings and Investments

When planning finances, it is important to distinguish between savings and investments. Savings are generally funds that one would set aside that can be accessed relatively quickly. These savings are often for a specific need or purchase, like a holiday or a new car. The most common way of saving is into a bank account (‘deposit’ account) where the money can be accessed in an emergency, and for every £1 a person puts in, they will get £1 back and possibly some interest. In other words, the original capital is guaranteed.

Investments are designed to be held for a longer term, usually at least 5 years. A person needs to be comfortable with tying up this money for a period of time and should not consider investments unless they have some savings in place. Most investments are not guaranteed to return the money in full, although do offer the prospect of potentially higher returns than deposit accounts. Returns, risk and volatility are the factors that will determine a suitable place for investments.