Friday, 20 January 2017

Top PR tips from top PR

The other day someone asked me what advice I would give if they embarked on their own PR

I said;

  • Do it consistently and for the full life of the brand, organisation or individual
  • Always produce brilliant content
  • Engage with people properly

Start as you mean to go on. If you develop a presence on social media, keep it there all the time your brand is active, especially if that brand is you. Intervals of silence don’t go down well as they’re not consistent with best practice customer engagement. Worse, you’ll lose your place in the front of people’s minds and, eventually, be forgotten.

The same applies to journalists. Once you start sending them information, don’t suddenly stop. Also, make all the information you send excellent in every way. Position yourself by using vivid photographs, producing engaging films and writing compelling copy. In the end, content is everything: it’s you, it’s your business and it’s your brand.

Finally, always, always reply when people engage with you, even if it’s late in the evening. If you start a conversation, be around to keep it going. Be privileged when people show an interest in you and repay it by being courteous and curious with them.