Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Redheads Rule!

I thought in CELEBRATION of the red head gathering in Leeds this April

I would put down some thoughts about why the colour red is the most awesome colour in the world.

The redhead community have a huge group on facebook and the redhead group have been the subject of phone app advertising on TV. I am sure it’s set to increase and grow – you should really get to know a redhead!
For most people there is no colour that fires up the imagination and is linked to so many poetic moments as the colour red. Believe it or not, the colour red affects the metabolism, blood pressure, pulse rate and the flow of adrenaline – the colour red keeps us alive.

Red is a primary colour that demands quick attention. In western culture red is seen as both a sign of danger, and a sign of love. A “red list” is a list of people and animals etc which are associated with risk and is used as a signal colour in traffic signs and traffic lights. This meaning is perhaps because blood is red and both humans and animals instinctively associate blood with danger.

In association with blood and the heart, it also has a positive side, the one of love and commitment. The logo of love and passion - the heart.

In design and creative terms, red is a colour that you can combine surprisingly easily with any neutral colour, light beige and gray tones through to chocolate brown and black. But red is also very exciting when you combine it with colours in the spectrum that are close to red such as deep dark purple and orange.

Red can also be combined with green blue and gray blues and used as an attention grabber in painting and graphic design.

Anyway, whoever has their favourite colour as red, wants variety and adventure, they are often jealous, impulsive, passionate, courageous and enthusiastic. If you deal with someone whose favourite colour is red, you will definitely never be bored. If you deal with someone whose hair is the colour red – expect WOW!