Friday, 11 January 2019

Emails & how to manage them

I was recently asked by Regus, the multinational corporation that provides a global workplace, for my opinion on how I deal with my emails.

Managing email and an inbox is crucial to the profitability of business.

This is because most employees spend a lot of time working OUT of it. It is a project management tool if used well.

Businesses also don’t know that if you lose your email through a technical issue the emails can be hard to retrieve so keeping important content and attachments in email is not a good idea.

One of my top pieces of advice is to limit the amount of emails in your inbox to 50. All my employees are encouraged to file, save and delete as they work. This reduces stress and ensures you have a clean inbox at the end of the day.

Read my comments here, along with other business experts, on the best advice to managing emails.

If you need any further advice on how you can better manage your work flow, please do get in touch!