Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Your brand – 4 reasons to make it personal

It was great to be interviewed by Total Guide to Swindon this week.

It’s a great online publication and it asks really relevant questions to get the best possible interview. The experience made me realise that I need to keep banging on about how important it is these days to build a personal brand.

Why? Four main reasons:

People buy from people
Online marketing is critical. It opens doors, tells your story, puts your point of view across. It builds trust, even sells products. But it’s the human touch that cements your business relationships and makes them last.

You’re unique
Your personal brand is your way of showing how and why you’re different to everyone else, or in my case, #aheadofthecurve. Your beliefs anchor you. And they draw people who share your beliefs towards you. But, you need to show – not just tell – what those beliefs are.

Your brand is an ice-breaker
Being recognised and having a good reputation makes networking so much easier. When I started out, I’d approach people gingerly, business card at the ready. Today, more often than not, people say, ‘Hey, I know you – you’re Sara, aren’t you?’  

It leads to surprising opportunities
If you’d told me two years ago, that today, I’d manage three exciting businesses and cycle alongside a former Tour de France winner in Switzerland, I’d have laughed at you. But that’s what’s happened, thanks in no small part to the path my brand has taken me along.

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