Friday, 6 June 2014

The importance of the press release

The press release is a traditional PR tool which, when well written, is a vital part of your storytelling. The key elements here are an attention-grabbing headline, a concise introductory paragraph and, of course, a great story. Up-to-date background information is then used to position the right elements within the press release and give the document the critical mass needed to satisfy even the sternest of journalists.
Journalists are inundated with press releases every day so don’t let copy with mistakes fall into their hands. This is key to building relationships with journalists and being seen as a reliable and professional source.

At redheadPR we generate comprehensive lists of journalists for every client. For example, the media database for one of our fashion clients that works in the gardening industry covers both the clothing and gardening sectors. When creating the database, we developed lists of relevant fashion and garden journalists and made sure we knew the best way to contact them. 

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