Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sara Tye appointed chair of Swindon Triathlon Club

Sara Tye, award-winning entrepreneur, top 500 international PR, business and organisational development expert and triathlete, is the new chair of Swindon Triathlon Club.

Sara succeeds Paul Cox, who steps down from the chair after two years. Paul said: “It’s been a real pleasure to serve as chair of the Swindon Triathlon Club. Throughout my term in the role, we’ve achieved so many milestones. The club has grown in membership, our members are in races all over the world and I’m now delighted to be passing the reins on to Sara. She’s a keen middle distance triathlete and proven businesswoman with a deep commitment to the town of Swindon.”

Looking forward to her new role, Sara said: “Paul has done a fantastic job as chair at Swindon Triathlon Club, so I’m delighted to be taking up the role with the organisation in such great shape. We have an amazing membership, which includes around 140 people of all abilities. My aim is to bring a dynamic new culture to the club and invest in our members. Working with Justin Robbins, our head coach, who is also a former GB triathlete, we’re implementing a sophisticated new coaching strategy. Other new developments include swim analysis, which started last year.”

Established in 1985, Swindon Triathlon Club is a British Triathlon affiliated and insured club catering for all abilities of triathlete, from novice to international Ironman competitor level. Swindon is one of the best training areas in the UK, with access to outstanding running and cycling routes, a great swimming pools and fantastic lake venues.

Flexible membership options allow joiners to focus on one or two training disciplines rather than all three, yet still have access to expert knowledge and advice. Swindon Triathlon Club is run by triathletes for triathletes with the aim in helping members to achieve and surpass their fitness goals and ambitions.

Sara Tye, Chair
Vince Knight, Treasurer
Mark Tredgett, Membership
Louise Wadsworth, Secretary
Felicity Westall, Social
Joanne Jackson, Communications and Welfare
Rosie Benson, Club development
Ben Walter, Committee member
Paul Cox, Committee member
Laura Rothwell, Communications and Welfare
Justin Robbins, Head Coach
Alec Cox, Website

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Top PR tips from top PR

The other day someone asked me what advice I would give if they embarked on their own PR

I said;

  • Do it consistently and for the full life of the brand, organisation or individual
  • Always produce brilliant content
  • Engage with people properly

Start as you mean to go on. If you develop a presence on social media, keep it there all the time your brand is active, especially if that brand is you. Intervals of silence don’t go down well as they’re not consistent with best practice customer engagement. Worse, you’ll lose your place in the front of people’s minds and, eventually, be forgotten.

The same applies to journalists. Once you start sending them information, don’t suddenly stop. Also, make all the information you send excellent in every way. Position yourself by using vivid photographs, producing engaging films and writing compelling copy. In the end, content is everything: it’s you, it’s your business and it’s your brand.

Finally, always, always reply when people engage with you, even if it’s late in the evening. If you start a conversation, be around to keep it going. Be privileged when people show an interest in you and repay it by being courteous and curious with them.